Get Your Dedicated Offshore Sourcing Solution with Headwind

Are You Struggling With These Pain Points?

Quality Inconsistencies

Receive products that don't meet your expectations or specifications?

Manufacturer Troubles

Facing challenges in dealing with suppliers from India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, or China?

Time Drain

Losing focus on your core business while handling intricate sourcing issues?

It's time to say goodbye to these bottlenecks.

Set up your own dedicated offshore sourcing team with Headwind.

At Headwind, we understand the critical pain points in international sourcing. That's why we provide you with a dedicated team to manage your sourcing operations, ensuring lower risk, consistent quality, and efficient communication with local manufacturers.

Hire us to be your backend sourcing office

Transparent costing

100% Transparent Costing Model. No hidden fees or markups or commissions.

Inhouse quality control

Use our in-house quality-control team like it was your own to ensure goods arrive to your warehouse in perfect condition.

Your own sourcing team

Hire overseas-based staff for sourcing, quality-control, compliance, shipping and more.

What can you expect?

Stress-Free Sourcing

We offer a suite of services for our clients - everything from quality control to recruitment. We can even help you set up your own sourcing office in Asia using shared resources and industry knowledge.

Don't take our word for it


Headwind has been a reliable and trusted partner for over 9 years helping us navigate the many challenges of manufacturing, quality control and shipping which has been instrumental in our explosive growth. If you're looking for a knowledgeable, honest and strong partnership, I highly recommend Headwind.

Alex Kristoff


Working with Headwind over the last 8 years has been a journey of excellence, commitment, relationships, and results. They have been a very strong partner in design develop and sourcing factories for all different consumer good products.

Suzi lai


World class Asia manufacturing experts. Competitive pricing with superior quality and service from a 3rd generation family run operation.

Paul Dunning


Michael and the Headwind team have consistently been our go-to source in Asia for over 10 years.

Lowell Neset


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Los Angeles, CA

Expertise in Complex Sourcing

With our deep market insights and ability to manage intricate projects, we navigate through challenges with precision, handling a diverse range of product categories tailored to your needs.

Multiple Sourcing Hubs

Tap into our strategic manufacturing hubs in China, Bangladesh and Vietnam to optimize your supply chain, regardless of project complexity. Instantly access our team of experts in turnkey sourcing, quality control and compliance.

Quality control

Our rich history of working with both multinationals and start-ups demonstrates our versatility and deep understanding of various client needs, ensuring a seamless, knowledgeable, and tailored sourcing experience.

Our Uncompromising Guarantees

Replacement Guarantee

Compromise on quality? Not on our watch. We ensure you get what you signed up for.

Product Guarantee

Our products meet your standards, no exceptions.

IP Protection & Support

Your intellectual property is sacred, and safeguarding it is our priority.

How it works

1. Free Consultation

Talk to our sales team about your project. and we'll provide a customized proposal based on your needs.

2. Define Operational Standards

We'll work hand-in-hand to develop good, clear SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) to ensure your remote team is working in sync with your home office.

3. Implementation

We can get a team and office going in as little as 1-2 months!

Streamline Your Sourcing with Headwind

Don't let sourcing snags slow you down. With Headwind, elevate your supply chain, ensure quality, and save time. Tap into the Asian manufacturing hubs without the typical hassles. Connect with us to fortify your sourcing strategy today!

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