Our sustainability policy

Sustainability Introduction

Headwind believes climate change is an issue which has both immediate and long-term implications for the planet.

We also believe we have an
ethical obligation to mitigate against climate change through the development of a comprehensive sustainability policy

Our Sustainability Pillars


We seek to educate employees,
customers and suppliers about the value of using products that are manufactured sustainably.


We are committed to creating a simple & transparent framework that allows our team and partners to understand what products are manufactured using sustainable practices and materials.


We set annual goals with the objective to increase the number of products made from sustainable materials and make efforts to reduce our environmental footprint where possible.

What does that mean, really?

We reduce our environmental impact through three main ways:

Packaging Reduction

As part of our standard operating procedure, we reduce or eliminate packaging materials wherever possible.

Renewable Energy

Using renewable energies, energy conservation, and creating efficiencies wherever possible in the production of our goods

Sustainable Materials

We are committed to using more materials that are from renewable sources, recycled materials, and organic.

How do we define 'Sustainable Materials'?

Recycled Cotton

Using pre-consumer scraps of cotton material, products such as t-shirts and bags can be made, often times blended with polyester or non-recycled cotton.

Recycled Plastics

Post-consumer recycled plastics, such as recycled PET (“rPET”) can be used, along with plastics like Tritan™ Renew from the Eastman Company.

Recycled Paper

Paper and cardboard can be recycled and used in a wide range of products.

Recycled Polyester Fabric (rPET)

Recycled polyester is a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate plastic (PET). There are also brands like Repreve® and Polyana®

Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC)

The Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC) is a global not-for-profit organization focused on the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.  Some of our products are produced by factories that hold FSC chain of custody certification with one of several FSC labels;

FSC Mix. When this label is seen on a product it means the wood and paper included in the product comes from a mix of FSC certified forests, recycled materials, and or FSC controlled wood.

FSC 100%. When this label is seen on a product it means the wood and/or paper included in the product is sourced from FSC certified forests.

FSC Recycled. When this label is seen on a product it means the wood and/or paper included in the product is verified as recycled content.

Charitable Donations

As part of our overall sustaianabiiltiy policy, we've also partnered with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and donate part of our net proceeds from the sale of our sustainable products to support programs that mitigate climate change.