Bags- Totes & Backpacks

Bags- Totes & Backpacks


    Our Manufacturing Process

    1. Get a Quote

    Send us your product designs and we'll get you a quote within 24 hours.

    2. Sampling

    Custom samples can be made within 2-3 weeks on average.

    3. Production & Inspection

    We have over 30 quality-control inspectors across Asia who manage on-site inspection of your goods to ensure quality standards are met.

    4. Shipping

    After passing our quality-control inspection, we manage the delivery of your goods to your wareshouse or 3PL.

    Looking for a manufacturer?

    We help brands manufacture products using a proven network of factories throughout Asia.

    45+ Years Experience
    Factory Profile

    Headwind is a leading manfuacturer of totescoolersbackpacks and more. We have a network of factoriesin China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Myanmar

    • Production Capacity: 3,000,000 bags per year
    • Number of Factory Worlders: 5,000+ in our network
    • Available Materials: Polyester, Recycled Polyester, Cotton, Nylon, and more.